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was furnished by its practical results in London and other towns in Great
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Femur. β€” Simple 55, compound 4 : 41 M., 18 F., 7 of which were intra-
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miles in 90 days; during his life he averaged 15 or 20
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could move both his upper and lower limbs with precision.
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Fox is entitled, for the present edition of his book is fuller and
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it, that the heart may diminish somewhat in size, and prsBcordial
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affected β€” a penknife or trocar being introduced between the last
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sinuses are often found running from the cysts into the sur-
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still a poison into the wound which produces inflam-
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to the latter an equal quantity by weight of hydrochloric acid (D =
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spiration were 128 and -11. Her urine was neutral. The
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never be certain, at an early stage, whether such a con-
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yet, even in such persons, it is often possible to be pretty
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following laparotomy performed ten months previously for
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During the stage of reaction, great care should be ex-
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THE PRACTICE OF SURGERY. Fourth American from the last Edin-
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Possibly that state of affairs might be ascribed to the literature obtainable
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out that β€œIt would be unusual for even the most widely known and respected expert in any field
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a coconut was found projecting free in the cavity. This proved to be
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diffused, and fatal ; the latter is gradual in onset, is localized,
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and they and their young sisters were enlivened by evening gaieties
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quality control efforts. Services consisted of the procurement, receipt,
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symptoms in any case thus far admitted, could have justified us in resorting to
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with, otherwise failure to cure the ethmoid affection will result. The
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causes the murmur over the whole surfiEice of the sternum. The aortic