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of admissions shows his entry in 1G8G ; " Thomas Dover, from St.

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fair Catherine, his doting parent's maid of all work.

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per-red color, fii-m and flesh-like; it was so firm, that

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The tubercle bacillus most frequently attacks the lung so

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by pain, as neuralgia, sciatica, migraine, angina pectoris, aneurysm,

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(1) The simple dislocation of the long tendon of the biceps has no

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from further duty in the department of the Lakes, and will pro-

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foods are therefore regarded as adulterated within the meaning of the

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and only becomes alarming under peculiar circumstances. Among

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It also prevails in New Caledonia and the islands of the Pacific.

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physical restraint as far as possible; it irritates, agitates, and renders

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finance preparation of the grounds, landscaping and a

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Dr. F. Paikes Weber, of London, found seventy-nine cases

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to locomotor ataxy. It especially concerns the sense of pain, but Hertzberg

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dilated the urethra and introduced a narrow pair of

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spent more than two or three hours with any single case, and

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table infusion is inimical to the germ, which soon disappears from such

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ing its ietiology ; hence its treatment, as vet, is purely em-

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suddenly to acquire the deafness which ten years of otitis media

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materia medica of the reformed system, which consti-

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ning exacerbations and morning reviissions; when vomiting takes place, an occurrence

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stress on that peculiar general condition which fed

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of its excellence. N. Y. Mfd. Record, Nov. 15, 1868.

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or exclusively in hot climates ; tubercular phthisis is one of the scourges

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majority of cases is that it will remain stationary or advance very slowly.

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the Southern States. In one year before the war the number

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do them. It has so long been the habit to exalt the

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of will be more easily performed, provided that it is not

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though considerably duller than at the right. Respiration was

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sac, the heart-beat becomes mufSed, and may be of a redoubled,

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artery which varies in size. The nerve supply to the