narcotized that no effort can arouse him from this condition. Death
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blood of man. Its morbid action and the symptoms to which it gives
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soning, especially when the tissues are corroded, but as oil favors
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The patient should be supplied with pure air as no harm can come
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children, should be in smaller doses than those indicated by the fore-
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calized especially in the flexor muscles of the extremities, while on
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inflammation. At other points, too, in the mesenteric adipose tissue,
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t} Extract of hyoscyamus fl. one and one-half drams
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peared. On the nineteenth day there was heard for the first time a
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a decade. Tlie general condition is variable, now good, now bad.
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given amounts of daily excretion of urine. It must be remembered,
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It is serviceable in the first stages of pneumonia, pleurisy and to
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sometimes no effort succeeds in arousing the patient.
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deposits. The articular rigidity and disorganizatiou that result from
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In this diet list it is evident that the fat may be replaced by car-
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But this question of overtaxing or sparing the sugar-destroying
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other fermented beverages ujjon the production of gout has been a
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altogether peculiar, and the peculiarity of these circumstances it is
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rest in bed. Constipation should be relieved either by laxatives or
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to some febrile condition, as scarlet fever, or more frequently rheu-
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glycuronates. If the urine be optically inactive there may be balancing
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flammation, the formation of calculi and of abscess. Calculi are
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the bladder, or it may result from the infirmities of old age or from
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on the west, giving it a frontage of fifty feet on Bar-
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very great and increases until the abscess is opened or bursts, when
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An increase in the amount of sugar brings an increase in the
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diabetes that are thus associated. Sometimes obesity exists in one
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plethora we meet with a number of i^atients likewise affected with an
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ing, its color and the want of moisture make up a variety of sugges-
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have failed. It is used to improve the nutrition of wasting muscles,
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Bacterial poisons of various kinds have like effects, as witness the haemo-
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opticaUy active. Moreover, the excretion is wholly unaffected by the with-
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The caj) of fibrin here described is fibrin which is deposited