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other, enclosing a S]mce which is of about the color of the red cell,
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j)en-Hyg., Leipz., 1899, iii, 20.— Dunn (T. D.) A case of
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better incision than the ones which were used before that time, and
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colchicum with salicylates. If you have a strong, robust man, he
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Tne use of aqueous beverages, especially in acute affections, is now so
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that of a depressant, the subsequent dose must be given before the
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medicine into contempt. Another correspondent sends us a most extraor-
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paper contained many practical points of value, such as free
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seen by Mr. Hutchinson for injuries about the breast,
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notice of the work by an extract upon this subject : — "Most
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had suffered for nine months from this peculiar affection of the fingers.
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campagna of Italy, where eucalyptus is now recognized as ren-
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cough mixtures if they can possibly be avoided, 2. Food should be taken at
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evidence gained by palpation of the enlarged mesenteric
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Although improvement in hemoglobin was striking, it lagged
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the nationalization of health, 121; Ewald, C. A., the diseases of tho
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2. Units. (Separate subparagraphs for each unit, giving
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intestines, and also, through the pylorus, into the stomach.
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earlier authors. The treatment indicated seems most rational
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embrace of quackery, and we must admit that the sup-
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proceeds to show mathematically that the increase or diminution of the
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causing the anti-phospholipase effect of glucocorticoids. Nature 1980; 287:147-149
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number of the Journal, are: — A Review on the "Fourteenth
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slight anchylosis of the joint, and the capsule to diminish
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associated with <lribbling toward tho end of tho act. 4. Tho
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further surgical interference is so much simplified, that
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Dr. Robert H. Babcock, of Chicago, asked if all re-