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its anatomy, is transitional in its character : it» resembles in many details

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peaceful inhabitants, causing such terror and confusion, as

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on epidemics, Drs. H. E. Vaux, Peter H. Bryce, J. J. Cassidy

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There is at best not a very encouragingr outlook for this class of

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between these various acid-fast bacilli, and however much it is

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key report a case encountered in the practice of the latter. The

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and sick 18 hours later. Peritoneal puncture shows many polymorphonuclear

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degenerated into epitholiomata, should be promptly removed.

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1,239, or 17.3 per cent., while the previous and simultaneous

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we can regard them as due to a ])eripheial irritation, or why

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mur at the apex, which accounted for his fever. He was put to

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on this subject. We, as sentinels and guardians of the life

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brain ; but the largest quantity was found in the blood contained m the heart

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if the spine had been welded together. In testing her chest for

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1881 Powell, H. A., M.A., 44, Sandgate Road, Folkestone.

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use is more likely to be followed by stricture, than the other methods.

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connected with the subject of counterirritation, is

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in some cases there are tenderness in one or other loin,

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ulcerated, and some hxraorrhage occurred from time to time

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that have gone without any species of seizure whatever for five years,

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very often occur ; under this form of treatment it does

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As regards the frequency of permanent mental changes after typhoid

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A synopsis of the contents of this elegant nianual will