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clearness the curves are depicted in black upon a white background in the figure,

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troubled with hemorrhage from peritonsillar abscess, though he had in

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extensive sloughing in tbe left limb; this was occa-

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35. Devergie : Annales de Dermatologie et de Syphiligraphie, 1870, p. 5.

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venereal disease or traumatism involving the genital tract — have been

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weight— that the able Dr. La Roche has brought for-

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References 1 Newlon RE etal A review ot the side etfecl profile ol buspirone 4m./MeiJ1986,80(3B| 17-21 2

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one week in March, I'Jll, was 197, or about 130 aliove tiie corrected average.

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Streptococcus fecalis is different biologically from the Streptococci

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Queensland, which is about 4° nearer the equator. Its mean is

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of a chemical pathway responsible for the development of

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larval stage is practically omitted. About seven days after

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Besides the pain in the back, she suffered fearfully while urinat-

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to be rather depressing, and it is not always wise to secure a reduction