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C. Barrie Cook. MD: Eloise C. Haun. MD; Walter Lawrence. Jr., MD;
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but subsequently the man died of his pulmonary lesions.
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ings received — some unwittingly, and more often than not, unknowingly.
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(the cause of the hardness and small size of the uterus), might have
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others to test what the action of the salivary secretion is on the
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Senate ; and Messrs. Burt of Boston, McSorley of Cambridge,
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cells degenerate, and finally the connective tissue and the arteries,
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teen times as large as in health, and to have weighed from 30 to 32 pounds,
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which was considered to exist by Krause, Lannois, and Delavan. 9.
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and the fragments slip. After each dressing of a case a radiograph
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1886, xvi, 534-536.— Price (-T.) Two cases of vesico-vaginal
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without harm. In Manila 42 persons were given a preventive inocula-
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"A short time ago, a man returned to the neighbourhood of
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nicious anaiimia ? Mott (^^) has suggested that possibly pernicious
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state. Thus the advance of the inflammation, and the progress
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deliveries, one of a dead and one of a living child.
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Practitioner and consulting Surgeon, and his great experience
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patient ; from cirrhosis of the liver it was distinguished
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ing of light- or dark-red spots, and exhibiting a preference for the
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effected by the scissors. The operation for divergent strabismus
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irritation attendant on such a process is an insuperable objection
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the eldest, a girl of 15, joint complications occurred. In
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Brown, Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Marinette, Menom-
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specific princijrie. It is difficult often to trace it, when it appears to
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and a mordant, such as aniliu oil or carbolic acid, has been employed.
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and the natural means of securing uniform pressure, then