accounted for. The attending physician, as he was sitting by his pa-
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these names. The heracleum spondyliutn of Linneus ; folioJis,pir^
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tution somewhat impaired by a disease previously contracted, found
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500 francs to the English maker who will manufacture one as gopd as
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charged from both nostrils, which continued without intermission. After
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temperature, succeeded by an interval during which the temperature
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pint of the weak decoction cold. The patient is kept in bed except for an hour in
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Trunk-rolling influences the flow in the vena cava superior and inferior, the
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liquid alkaloids ; it paralyses the cardiac nerves, and causes contraction of
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cases, and especially in females, the countenance is pallid, with the
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Sips of sweetened lemon-juice will enable the patient to cleanse the throat
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of these instances there has probably been a wound so trivial as to have
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Absence of blue line on the gums would show that it was probably not
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and chronic .inflammation of the larynx; the former is ^ways iubercur
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was a small cavity filled with softened tuberculous matter, the whole
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breath, the power of respiration, and also of deglutition, being almost
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The great cli£5culty is to ascertain, when we have determined upon
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be the liver enlarged by chronic inflammation or from vascular engorge-
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taneous retrogression of the disease has taken place. Both these factors have
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answers well. By systematic immunisation with the serum the death-rate
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equalling in size and comeliness any of the palaces), shelters 5500 per-
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possible to disentangle the various influences at work, and we are really
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the patient's mouth as high as the tubing permits. When the funnel is
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but that it is only the oxide formed during the trituration with the fatty