In the widespread epidemic of poliomyelitis in the city of New York
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forward their remittances to the General Secretary, 429,
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last, and the patients fail to manifest any anxiety about their grave
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all, but I should like to elicit some expressions of opinion
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the British Medical Association, to be held at Dover on
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themselves, occasionally the diverticula beiag so long as to obscure the
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of sodium carbonate, whether by mouth or by the rectum or by intra-
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AcoOHmNG to a recent report made hy Mr. Caillard, Director-General
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kidneys were full of cancerous masses, and the right adrenal body
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was far from being a cure, as in the treatment of alcoholics
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professor fall below either the sum of £jiJO, or a sum equal to three-
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*«* In forwarding books the publishers are requested to st&te the
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are most numerous, it is ascribed to the inhalation of their fragrance.
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a temperature of 105.6° F. on admission. The spleen could scarcely
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Frier Hospitals in London —Mr. H. H. Fowler, in reply to Mr. Cohex,
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evoke similar symptoms to those produced by benign growth in
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Sir Dyce Duckworth thought it was very invidious to pick
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tent set free, and that at last they have obtained permission
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I Surgeon-Captain W. G. Thorold, Bengal Establishment, officiating
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zontally at various segments, supplying the anterior comua without
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As to the CRses in which it is serviceable : It is excellent in
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cardiac debility. The one use of iron as a remedy is that it increases
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man, aged sixty-seven, who died of diabetes, the adrenal was converted
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seen a case of this complaint, but as one of his patients finally escaped
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The pneiunococcus was identified as the cause of lobar pneiunonia
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dark, and remains fluid for a long time after death. Late in the disease
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The hlood-vessch are numerous and iml)cddcd in the trabeculse. A
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the junction of the lips. The eruption of scarlet fever, when typical,
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are discharged into the intestine, emaciation may not occur, for many
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duced by Dr. Halsted, Surgeon to the Johns Hopkins Hos-
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the nerve-supply through the solar or epigastric plexus and its semi-
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does not infect the general system. As its name soft chancre implies,
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thyroid existing. In 1891 Prof. GecHge Murray showed how m3rz-
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time they seem impelled constantly to move about and wear out their
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though the patient is resting in bed. From the commencement the
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In a future edition the author may well apply himself to im-
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alence at the time of the rise of the Dog Star (Sirius).
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become quite distorted, being thickened or irregular in form and very