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NaCl solution. No appreciable amount of phagocytosis could be
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Efficienxy of Biolytic Tank. August, 1909 — July, 1910.
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Diseases of the circulatory organs may be divided into those of the
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morphonuclear leukocytes in each suspension is counted by means
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1 c.c. of "old tuberculin" or 0.005 G. (that is, 5 mg.) solid substance,
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In this connection it is to be noted that the liver extract is acid
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The diastasie power in malt extracts has probably been exaggerated.]
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12^^. — He seems rather better to-day: pulse 84; skin moist;
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winter, e.g., to the Riviera. [In the United States, to Southern Cali-
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The author has obtained good results (improved mobility, decreased
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