I. It opens up a smaller avenue for the introduction

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sis in right-sided valvular lesions, without supposing the admixture of arterial and

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ed, else they would have made a much shorter dinner ; nor

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substitutes may prove of use to local practitioners, while any

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is ever in the direct ratio of the amount of areolar membrane

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probenecid (benemid) is used with penicillin

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and in mentioning it I will say that I do not wish to be thought

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tomical and clinical observers. At the present moment, obscure as are

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ease, or in other words good results can only be awaited with con-

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all the cases published by Breus and Kolisko bore out his view that the two

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influenfp, as if cognizant of what is contemplated, or, in other words, tliat its organic

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five years and 49 less than this time. Fourteen had lived over ten

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that the opportunities of microscopically examining the lungs by Dr.

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done further than establishing hygienic conditions he

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riches do not purchase ; why should it be craved ! — that the smiling in-

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passing the whole milk, at a temperature of 5 to 12° C, through a De

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ad vantageous. Internally, salicin, or the natural salicylate of soda, or

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least, in most. Three weeks is not too long to keep

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serious operation. Even though the tubercular kidney is

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cular energy engages the ingredients of the organism in

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parasites inclosed in the "brassy corpuscles" are degenerated forms.

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should be a national affair and stations for the study of disease un-

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above, and a good library. On the third floor is a small laboratory,

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84.2; and during work, 78.6, 73.7, 69.4, etc. The average duration of the

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Axid IS indicated for maintenance therapy tor duodenal ulcer patients, at

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people cling to the warm rooms, and complain of the cold, because

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He was again put upon the same plan ; the same success fol-

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formed with the most unremitting attention and care : his

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liquefy. But these changes do not occur in the blood during

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daily laxatives, beginning usually with sodium sulfate

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a coconut was found projecting free in the cavity. This proved to be

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(Neumann), while in influenza the specific organism may itself cause broncho-

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Two cases of death due to circulatory failure showed no acidosis.

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the same train of symptoms, but with much greater general

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by an affection of the medulla oblongata, involving the suspension of the

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breathing? Because the spasmodic action of the diaphragm

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peculiar to the lands above described. Twenty-three animals, belonging to

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Admitting that the vital centers are overpowered by

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node was supplied with blood only through anastomoses on the venous


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(located in a deep part of the left bronchus) was spontaneously

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signs, but that carcinoma may be present in the organ removed previously

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might precede the rubbing on of the sulphur; but I seldom

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tine, in the omentum, and in the mesentery. Often there

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the intervention of either the liver or the intestine.

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registered deaths occur below 5 years of age, yet the mortality in