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than the physiological changes will be discovered by an examination.

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Nerves, and the Cutaneous Macules in Macolo-ansesthetic Leprosy," by

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Fifteenth Annual Meeting, held at Washington, D. C,

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IN Gynecology. — Professor Polk, of this city, as will be

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complications as eclampsia, post-partum hemorrhage, contracted pelvis,

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living principles, they must be considered as such: grasshoppers, butterflies,

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myoidema, for many years played a strong role as a prognostic of phthisis.

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Jurisprudence and State Medicine, New York; Brooklyn

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by referring to our past efforts, that we have never contented ourselves with

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brought right up to date, it can be safely said that this edition also will soon

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vitality, and vital affinity is probably as distinct from chemical

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