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professor of skin diseases in the Missouri Medical College. Second edition,

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Mrs. S., of Lancaster, N. H., forty-eight years old, having one child,

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Many years ago it occurred to me that if it were pos-

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eye frequently with the compound lotion used in this

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but it is not open to similar objections. It may be given internally, or a[)plied

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son questions the importance of care in expectoration. The sun will destroy the

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ichophyton, and the same instrument will enable a discrimination to be

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infants, by tuberculous milk. We do not regard this

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him with exceptional strength. Sedentary and intellectual

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Influenza Epilepsy and Other Manifestations of Motor Irri-

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Fig. 196.— H. brendse. (After Sambon and Seligmann.)

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metallischer Freuidkiirpor im menschlichen Korper mit-

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them, in others they are entirely without chromatophile substance.

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1903, and gave the following history : While moving some

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Ideath indirectly by producing disease of the brain. (' Med. Gaz ' vol. 17,

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joint affected with this disease is not a practice from

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tini,- di-,.r-jaiii-iriL' thr >-;, c. l,c-> lr,-,|iur.ili 1,.,- it ,nt,],d ihr.Hiuh ih,-

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the head undergoes from the posterior wall of the pelvis.

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report may lead to the redress of the grievances under

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for vesiculitis. According to Byron Robinson, 90% of enlarged

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in all the trials, it could not be made to injure the coverings of the

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small doses of mercury given to the woman during pregnancy will

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9th inst., he went to church in the morning, but was compelled

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supposes, that the human body is divided by a muscular contrac-

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In the first cases which oiTered themselves to my notice,

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facts bearing on it. The point at issue is not whether a nine-