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We can here recommend the same procedure that proved successful in

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with aneurisms, and showed that this success depended

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his method, I had been employing the sulphate of zinc, with opium',

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prescribed Sepia for ringworms, which disfigured the whole of the

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turally led him to suspect its presence in the light of the moon

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probably an accumulation of parasites in the vessels of

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Infusion of Chamomile (Chamomile Tea).... A Teacupful or two.

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nied with a prickly sensation and itching. The skin of the face was very red,

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considerably engaged; the disease first attacks the nose and throat,

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persons died victims of this abuse, and a law was passed to

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Senecine 3x and re-enforced by the hypophosphites. Again, in cases

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Strafanntalten," ZeUschnftfUr Hygiene, Bd. x, 1891.

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law making it a felony to practise medicine or surgery without a license

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er, Medical Cadet U.S.A. The ball entered the anterior lobe of the

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phobia in the right eye. Subsequent to the photophobia the

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The white cells are increased. The normal variations in infancy are

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ing recreational activities and occupational-therapy un-

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" Symptomatology of Irregular or Atypical Gout." His

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pregnated with the balsamic en\anations of the pine

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atrophied, lay at the bottom of the tunica vaginalis, to which it was

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surround the tufts on a'l sides. At a later period this

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of Acute Pelvic Suppurative Processes in the Female, and

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2d. As to the membranous discharge : the description, as found in Prof.

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Japan. Mexico and Central America and the South Ameri-

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Greece are said to secure a remarkable degree of im-

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one was, in a large proportion of cases, neglect to empty

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tion, and as the mortality is now shown to be seven

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acteristics of the pars intermedia remains attached to the anterior

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atis produced a violent and almost universal erythema, the eruption