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furred tongue may be associated with enlargement of the fungiform papilla?,
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In five out of ten cases examined microscopically by the writer, there was
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tude of the oxygen debt is directly proportional to the amount of lactic
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*' this requires but little care ; for it is a known
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necrosis, are, on the contrary, particularly living, and constitute the
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of hyperthyroidism and hyperchlorhydria and serves as a cir-
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may become manifest earlier if there is a marked hereditary tendency. It
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plicated cases of advanced coma the majority — four out of
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Morbid anatomy. — It is not at all unusual, in association with
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are, as a rule, the most early to be involved. The disease is usually bilateral,
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" and they are eafily known by their tracks, A. wild boar of
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white phosphorus is used, it is the mixing, dipping, and boxing departments
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fibrous surroundings, should be effected. The effects of such manipulations
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duction of new connective tissue, without congestion or exudative products.
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ocular asthenopia and headaches due to the use of the eyes are at times
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Every physician should think of the possibility of poliomyelitis
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digest the ordinary meals. The movements of the stomach are, as a rule,
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QThe name Acetophen will identify "Frosst's" products
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its acidity. The use of the citrate of potassium may with advantage be
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out for at least six months of the year, and the mercurv quartz lamp is
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mammary secretion of suckling women, pains in the limbs, diarrhoea,
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Morbid anatomy and pathology. — In the few recorded fatal
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constant and certain action of the serum is to produce a marked fall
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however, an unstable body, and after a certain time it unites with some of
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it is when the pain is due to some irremovable and fatal cause such
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is difficult to understand, for before the infective emboli can reach the
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they may be confluent. As a rule, they take several months to develop
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continued at work until two months ago (a period of 18 months); since then he
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Physicians and Surgeons, excepting those practising osteopathy on
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the abdominal swelling increases, emaciation of the rest of the body rapidly
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of the parietal. It is readily identified by stripping the dura mater off the