ing and discordant histories of which, under one and the same name, have
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An examination of the vital statistics when properly compiled
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Icterus. VI. — Cirrhosis or Hardening- of the Liver.
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wood and fell, breaking her right leg "below the middle." Splints
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of intestine in strangulated hernia (G. H. Makins, C.B.) 183
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of Four Cases of False Joint in the Femur, Eight in the Leg, and Two in the
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The Medical Annual : A Year Book of Treatment and Practitioner's Index, 1916.
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The clause relative to the Maternity Hospital was also adopted. — Ifew
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fessor of ophthalmology, undergone the operation of
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reprints must be made to the Transcript Press within 30 days
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not contain air, loud bronchial breathing is heard over the whole chest,
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they resemble the giant cells found in the colonic specimen, in these
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})rinciples of an astringent nature, wliich would aid in arresting the evacua-
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nal organs and veins much congested, and the stomach again dis-
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The distribution of these cases is shown on the accompanying map,
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impressions must proceed equally to the two hemispheres. Again, when
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however, is smaller, varying between six and fourteen (average of
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spondingly, we find an increase of leucocytes in blood taken from the
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fitness of the candidate for graduation, hardly more
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and involving the whole superior maxillary bone, without,
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years the author sought diligently for the subclavian murmur in
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given in their adhesion to any plan of combined action. If this
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College of Ohio, and surgeon-in-chiei to the Qooi Samaritan
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pt. 2, 332-340, 1 1)1. . Ancora suUa gliosi cerebrale
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arrangements, can be provided for the working classes at a
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of pregnancy, and of these four died. After delivery the convulsions
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overwork. During this time he was subject to frequent colds
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above the level of the third rib (second interspace), and much less fre<|uentlv
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of a tent, is put up at each end of this floor, leaving a space of 9 feet
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Sanfelice, (Centralblatt fur Bact., 1895, No. 4, and
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not to be perennial graduate students but rather peren-
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The monotony of ideation in melancholia is sometimes apparent in