(Cnicus benedictus), cramp bark (Viburnum opulus), black haw

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sermann reaction was negative. An electrocardiogram (Fig. 14) showed a

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Case 13 (P. B. B. H., Med. No. 4565). — A woman, aged 38 years, was given

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or nonrecurrence of pellagra in this population may be most clearly

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Fig. 10. — Scutellaria lateriflora (skullcap); Experiment 88a, late pregnancy;

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virtues. Convallaria, like the double salts of caffeine, exercises a

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TABLE 20. — Metabolism of Magnesium in All Periods

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showed remarkably close agreement (see protocols). It was thus

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of fixation of bilirubin to the plasma depends on some chemical altera-

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The appearance of dark blood-stains in the living membrane of

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of a stimulant action. It may be that a principle of slight activity is

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symptomatology of pellagra as compared with beriberi and scurvy and

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18. Pulse-Gauging, a Clinical Study of Radical Movement and Pulse Pressure,

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The following table, which is compiled from 280 cases, gives the

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right ventricle, there will be no accentuation of the second pulmonary

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statements are true of Kaposi's malady, which consists of a most

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uria, so that the diagnosis is often embarrassed iu this way and may

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and internal jugular veins. It receives lymph from the left side of

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* Maximum increased retention 49.48 per cent. (Period 5).

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naming in sets. " Well-marked cases " are probably those in which a like

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The total nitrogen of the urine and of the food and feces was

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failure is first found in the lungs ; when the aortic valves are affected

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at first, but later of easy practice on account of tolerance. These

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preparations giant cells were formed on the cover slip. All of these

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as shown by Daddi and Marchetti 38 varies as little from the normal

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by the lowest mortality groups correspond with areas of the older