this: contraction of the pupil, redness of the coi^unctiva (phenomena since observed by P. Petit), emaciation of the
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more difficult task to foresee and determine rabies in the dog, but this
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sisting of thin froth, a middle transparent serous layer, and an opaque,
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accidents proiliiits par I'acc^s 6pileptique. Gaz. hebd. de
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(a) If the peritoneal cavity contain a stagnant nutrient fluid,
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at three-hour intervals; as much milk as the patient may
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complete adhesion of the two surfaces of the pericardium.
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fluid, no doubt, but it will also imperil its vitality by destruction
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ferent points on either side of the chest, or on both sides. Pain may be
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ment agencies. It shall also be concerned with access
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By permission of Dr. S. F. Wilson, of this city, who called
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La dosim^trie et les fi^vres <^rnptives. Bull, ue med. et
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courtesy of Dr H. J. Gerstenberger to follow in a boy of ten, who
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A few days after the employment of this procedure Dn
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protection against morbific germs and tbe modern means, both
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If this work is carried on in the asylums of the country, particularly those
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delirium may be present from the exciting action of the
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into the joint. The superior cartilage is then destroyed, and
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In the cerebral cases, the lancet has been used sometimes with good
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the conjoint authorship of forty distinguished Specialists, selected from the
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There is no appreciable dullness on percussion, and no indica-
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About this time the State of Panama seceded from Columbia. The
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article, as well as the active alkalies, is perhaps of no