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forming functions. This gave a new importance to the leucocyte
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autointoxication; the feeling of well-being thus engendered
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Dr. H. J. Davis did not think it was antrum, because it did not bulge
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daily) were recommenced, and at the end of a week the change
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but the growth did not entirely disappear, and after three weeks no
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readily than they do normal bacteria. The mechanism of specific
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Rappleye- has recently pubUshed a method for plasma chloride
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rennet test at a temperature of 86° F. Rennet extract was used at
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more rare than in the clinics of Europe. It was pos-
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equipment consists of microscopes and some unlabeled specimens
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brain was normal in size ; the left side of the cranial
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an extreme instance, but it bears out the idea that a great many syphilo-
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3. Dilatation may proceed from the degeneration of the substance
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uating class, numbering fifty-eight members, of whom, perhaps,
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American born of foreign parents, but the latter closely ap-
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upon those who are charged with the direction and control of schools,
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Dunbar's Hay Fever Serum, is effective only in ail-
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The symptoms of chronic latent sinusitis are essentially similar to
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ESTIMATES OF OUTFITS for Physicians commencing Practice, to cost $50 and $100
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systemic toxic condition which is reacting upon the su-
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