its action. He expressly states that we dare not, as
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irritants to the affected region, the administration of calomel, subcutaneous
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Health (NIOSH) has estimated that there are less than 10% of
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extended hand, soliciting alms. She was about to close the
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for a long time after the stricture has seemed to be cured ;
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1892, xi. 29-37. 1 pi. — f^eboucq. Be la brachydactylie
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The cattle affection being so entirely a local one in
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of the discussion, that witliiu a short period, and in the practice of one surgeon,
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over whites. When the patient was thoroughly warmed
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The Ptolemy Society, the purpose of which- is for social
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the feverish symptoms have subsided give Alum (28*);
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97 Acute Mastoiditis, Thrombosis of Lateral Sinus, Perforation
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modifications suggested, for months together, and patients whom
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maternal circulation. Animal experimentation has, however, failed
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much involved as to produce complete opisthotonos. In connection with this condition,
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although not in accordance with what is stated by most medical writers, is
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Felons. See Chloral — Linum — Mercury ; Nitrates-
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case, addressed to you : surprise, because the evidence fur-
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general psychology and its application in teaching;
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and even seven, minutes without readministering the vapour,
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any tissue not derived from the Mullerian ducts is considered
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three times daily, and get much better results than formerly when I
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til the time for the Congress to be in session. The
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influence the type of disease. Disease is but a condition of tissues, a de-
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part, such as dilatation of their fundi or divisions of the gland-cells, cannot be found. On
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right, but, as a rule, no objection will be made to its reproduciml
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condition of collapse ; severe cyanosis ; fever to the last only
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In this laft refpect, flaughter-houfes are attended with fome in-
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earlier in the year. Concerning the state of this country I
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XXVIII. Medical Diagnosis with Special Reference to Practical Medicine.
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J inch the open method should be employed. The tendinous
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is, over-stimulating" for the state of the system, though feeble in
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