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forth, of Royalton, Vt., to make examinations of invalid pensioners,

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origin. The fever attending filarial orchitis — which

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general practitioner, as well as to the operating gynecologist,

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The high death-rate in Liverpool for the summer quarter of 1866 was

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the iris ought to be spared if possible or reasonable.

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dress before the Gynaecological Society, after present-

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Oastrio Variety, marked by frequent vomiting, loss of

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indeed, in some cases seemed to be simply a tube of fat.

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next to the pylorus ; in many animals the arrangement is

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do the work, the animal sets the machine going, letting the

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» When the gelatine of Wharton is abund.ant it often forms c^'sts, as at B, Fig. 2.

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pale and bloodless ; no fluid flows from the duct; but the elements of the

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cerebrovascular disease, in whom an excessive tall in blood pressure could result in a myocardial infarction or

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ending of the work of the Senior year, on which all students are required to be in attendance, shall be not

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be made to sleep nights, while the morphine is being with-

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hand, I also admit that I am equally opposed to watching my obstet-

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tion was present throughout in thirteen cases. Hemor-

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noticeable in the cranium and trunk than in the limbs. The

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above the sixth dorsal nerves. As yet we know nothing definite about the behavior

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bonate of sodium, taken before meals, is mildly cholagogue. But, in

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burden, and one which hospital patients, with their limited intelli-

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Hosack, were appointed on that committee. At a subse-

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The mean duration of life, after the discoveiy of the

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