Medical College, with poor health and a poorer pocket-

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that disease also has taken its departure ; while, so far as can be

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any needless tax upon the muscles is avoided. The most brilliant results we

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try in tbe spring, summer, and in autumn, and went to

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editor of the CUniijut for seventeen years. In 1863 he

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that it is contagious, and instances are cited which at first

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can restore the action itself. So the physician is Nature's hand-

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contributed frequently to the literature of his subject, and among

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little hospital of his own, and with the humblest of poor

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high state of efficiency, Dr. Shaffer resigned his position there. It

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York Hospital, and the Physicians' Mutual Aid Association. In 1892

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conditions, as a substitute for injections of ether. In albumi-

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his patients, or assist in their restoration to health. These aids

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the regular study of medicine. While studying in Dr.

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graduating well, and consequently being awarded the degree of Doc-

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tive and dangerous. It will appear such an easy thing to

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it is the most concentrated form available for administration,

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pfosed to have him carry out this design, and the years

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it before. About the middle of December I put her on mag-

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pretty simple lesions when injured by bullets fired at point-

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members. The large and perfect zeolites of Palerson

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for the broad charity and refined humanity of her nature.

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she ran out of it. One of the best known of the travelling

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tion Society and of the board of managers of the Association for the

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region, upon the value of which he has the following to say in the

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spasmodic action of the muscles of the calves of both legs, which, when con-

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good service for natural history as the never-to-be-forgotten draw-

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organs. It is or should be a most common observation, that

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graduated M.D. in 1S83 with the highest honors of his

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July 24, 1860, son of the Rev. W. H. and Helen (Gladwin) Gleason,

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service in ministering to those stricken by the dread disease. He was

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a severe physical shock. It is never followed by those second-

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been brought into notice by Dr. Weir-Mitchell about seven years

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as one of the most successful practitionere in Brooklyn. She

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/^HARLES A. ELSBERG, A.B., M.D., surgeon, occupies a distinct

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mainder of his professional career. In 1869 he became Professor of

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spitting produced by changes of the barometric pressure in

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: substance of the pericranium and of the bones in their