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able skill to differentiate the embryonic cancer cell

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cavities, this cavity will empty itself during systole less completely than

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from one of the labia majora. Baudry'" followed Crede's method, but

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children. Septic infection is more often fatal where midwives are habitually

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for awakening the appetite, uses a decoction of the bark of white con-

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years, who had been confined six months before he saw her, her labor having

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has been most vigorously led by "Weigert, who denies absolutely the

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bordering upon it the liver below and the lung above were adherent.

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nouncement is made by the superintendent of the Wash-

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time beyond which it was not safe to allow a patient

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that acute appendicitis might in its early stages give

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erson from England. The programme included about fifty

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November 21, 1896, p. 765) suggests as an improvement upon the usual spoon-

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gienic instruction to the people. The exhibition has been

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toms, and how far arteriosclerosis accounts for the

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and pharynx, serves to increase the gastrointestinal dis-

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iron (3 per cent.), with i per cent, of lecithin. It

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Gandy, Charles M., Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps.

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measles, 274 cases, 12 deaths ; German measles, 20 cases,

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follow, and hence the bladder should be slowly emptied or boric solution

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seems as if our alienists might profitably investigate

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anaesthetic, 102.5° ; uncovered; anaesthetic, ether. Administered tt^^xxv

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Spinal antesthesia in dental operations bv Jonnesco's

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bility of a great extension of the therapeutics of antitoxins, and open out a

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to have trusted to his firm closure of the stump by buried-silk sutures, fol-

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article relates chiefly to the study of the toxins and the serum-therapy

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peritonitis before admission to the hospital, there were

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partment in accordance with the act of Congress approved

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a number of cases of infants dying with passive hemorrhages from the nose.

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that tuberculosis is a simulator of other diseases,

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rations, and so on until a full compression is reached, which is kept up until

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During the first Aveek of convalescence the reaction continued to

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Coelio-hysterectomy was performed, and some difficulty was experienced in

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good quality. In the right loin a large, sensitive, resistant tumor could

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where the symptoms have continued for months with such severity or

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irritable hearts, where the pain and palpitation are relieved ; for the

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