so that of one hundred pounds only twenty-five pounds are nutri-
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4. In each of the three years of intensive epidemiologic study, the
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numbers of parasites visible in the blood being greatest daring
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enlargement of the hands. No history of rheumatism or specific fevers.
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Symptoms and Coubse. — ^The most striking symptom of chlorosis
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due to Virchow with his scientific explanation of disease.
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See " Edin. Med. and Chir. Jour," for Am-il 1. 1936=
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phalanx; cure. — William J., set. 21, painter, was admitted
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ployment of t\yo solutions: Solution A, a saturated aqueous solution of
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wound, as any foreign body being carried in is more likely to be
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June 5th to the condensation water of a rat blood agar tube. An examination
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and the consequent duration of the disease. These variations depend
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These opinions mark the beginning of the change, and
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bioethics are invoked: autonomy, beneficence, nonma-
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the show of a principle or a law, a large surrender of cherished
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tion is not well chosen. Numerous careful bacteriological investiga-
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hoars, but manifested signs of intoxication several hours
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measure we should be careful that the person lies flat on his back, and that
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is far less frequent than acute and subacute bronchitis. It occurs much
mapped for breeding places, and the Board of Health of New-
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ined after rigor mortis had passed off, there should be
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(or pediculus) pubis. The first of these as a rule inhabits the head only ;
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culi in the cystic, rather than in the common, duct, and
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of one or both tonsils, and when of both the swelling may close the isth-
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think, and the limbs to move ; but the feeling and the thought are no more electricity
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cent lactic acid solution and by overfeeding. — New York Mcdita! journal.
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fifteen volumes, or two or three per cent. , in water,
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They run obliquely backward and outward between the
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Barbara had been bom and raised in Teanck and, as we
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the Branch Council of Scoiland of neglecting their duty.
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that she had not seen, and did not know of a case. Sundry presents and
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rabbits, by injecting dilute acetic acid or caustic ammonia ; and
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Jour., Gbisg.. 1890-91, n. s., xiv, 333-342.— Ricliar«Is (E.)
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that the flow can be regulated at will. As soon as this is done
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Anatralier. Verhandl. d. naturf. Gesellscb. in Basel, 1885,
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Mr. Mitchell Henry was, I believe, the fii'st surgeon to put
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temporary benefit is obtained by divulsion, the obstruction sooner or later
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IB the tropho-inflammatorv tvpe there occurs a casting off of the