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to oedema from slight causes, such as painting with iodine, or
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cicatrized along the canthus. But this case requires a
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some of these may be observed to have undergone the fatty degeneration. 2d,
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when the favorable prospect, to say the least, might be but little
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mates were distributed as far as the vacant places in
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enterprise which we inaugurate to-day — to form an as-
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knowledge obtained in each. Desirous to give a special direc-
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should also be observed, and its morphological constituents determined
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ciating pain in the loins and in the limbs, loss of appetite, vomiting,
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basins. In Europe, Southern Russia and Lower Italy are still highly
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were not so amenable. He had ha'd several cases of scirrhus, in
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sinking typhus. How great a proportion of those who recover, go
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nerves cause exquisite pain and if the abuse continues irritation
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and sixth cervical vertebrae, with extravasation of blood into the
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red peppers, chop to suit, sprinkle with ^ spoonful salt, put
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the use of House-Surgeons, Dressers, and Junior Practitioners.
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may be uncovered enough so that it may be wiped off with a soft cloth,
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looked astonished at the unaccustomed sight of a large stream
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cells would be seen, enlarged, and containing the pus-bodies. But
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every three hours) in cardiac inflammations of rheumatic origin.
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the doctors feed them a little more often than I do. I do not like to
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occasional hemorniages. Complication by pharyngeal or nasal diphthe-
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necessar3\ About five the next morning, Mrs. S. sent
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contradistinction to those compounds of iron hitherto in use, is readily
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hill tells us that in his case of dislocation into the ischiatic
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protected to a degree and with a permanence far be-
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acting upon constitutions of peculiar susceptibilities, may and
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as it does not remove the underlying condition of morbid
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Various symptoms have been produced by the 'pressure of the grow-
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also favors the development of soft cataract. Dr. S. Weir Mitchell has shown,
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the only certain means is the inoculation of milk and other
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iodide-of-potassium course should be carried out. When there is a