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but the projecting parts are solid and contain no fluid. The

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vrater, so as to increase the fluid in the vessels. I prefer hot water

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The skin of the cheek often becomes eczematous in those cases

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and others. This tract has been termed by Charcot and Brissaud " the

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upon the neck, situated just above the superior angle or

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is shown not only by the rapid sale of the work, but also by the very favorable manner in which it

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numbered and registered, were given to Dr. Lostorfer ; two

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always appreciated. The study of the epidemiology of

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twenty years in that State, only thirteen occurred in

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physical examination of the pelvis I was able to make out only an

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respondence with these organs by nervous connexions. Hence

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state receptions. The king was a great critic in all the minor mat-

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the next vacancy will be filled by Dr. George Johnson.

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Began to suffer from dyspepsia, and simultaneously to

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Finally, it is difficult to believe that physicians

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Avec figures dans le texte et 26 planches hors texte.

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termediary, at least of this variety of it. Such increase

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for its object the advancement of scientific and practical

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The oesophagus was stitched to tlie upjier part of the wound, and

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nence in the apex region that may even perforate the chest-wall, and a coexten-

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further details of Dr. Eicbardson's researches. He states "that each part of the

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fluctuating tumor on the external aspect of the chest wall. In 1 of

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and motor reaction to sensation exist, where sensory ganglia

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to niral districts, the mountains, or sea-shore. In cases marked by much

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patient not only from the dangers of an abdominal section,

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neglected children, and for a free bus for Senior citizens.

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upon. Much difficulty was encountered in the course

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eye diseases; atropia, yellow oxide of ineicury, nitrate of

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