month after vaccination, and assumed the form of a hard chancre.

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dwelling ; neither should it be left to the chance of

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of boiling water, and bake for twenty minutes in a moderately hot oven.

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inspect kitchen facilities. If the children are to be allowed

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1 part to 3 parts. After that any bland dusting powder

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requires practice. Thus, he says, that the voluntary movements of a new-bom infant,

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was always an alarming symptom. Of the twenty-three

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continental authorities held similar views ; even Creighton

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he has employed blisters freely, in such cases as ad-

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which attend the progress of erysipelas, and may be at least as serious as

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established, who can say what the complications or the extension of the

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malarial poison only the legs. The neuritis is most widespread in to\a-mie

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enlargement. They occupied the inner part of each anterior

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eral practice cases. Contact C. A. Sholtes, M.D., Rich-

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gynecology, psychiatry, prevention, and other aspects

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it in position by means of an appropriate pessary ; although I think the

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now that chloroform is in use. than formerly; yet the author contended that this

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Dermoid of sclero-corneal margin witb coloboma of palpe-

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nicious anaiimia ? Mott (^^) has suggested that possibly pernicious

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tlio iunctuiii> of tlieir n.'>pective otliivs at the lx'jni>"i'iK uf tlie meeting of the year next suo-

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Urea and specific gravity contrasted : Indican, normal .... 1

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necessarily be power and force to sustain it. Nowhere

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is most useful for drainage in cases of pyosalpinx, salpingitis,

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ported. It becomes, however, in actual practice very difficult to carry

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comparative frequency as a sequel to the latter calls for a word of

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She will support the nipple with the index and middle fingers of her dis-

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viously published with electrocardiograms they have come to a