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The general symptoms of this affection were strongly marked ;

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that of syphilis — similar effects can be produced.

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urged on by the stimulus of suffocation, expands its thorax more and more, tending

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of Quinine three or four times a day, or a larger dose once or twice a day

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of a poison capable of inducing a similar disease in other animals,

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Whether a woman "needs a man's respect," would seem to depend upon the

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the febrile attacks return during its course, it may become much

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36 et seq, the pus-cells may be regarded as emigrated white blood-corpuscles,

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female, of multiform lesions (vesicles, papules, pustules, scratch-

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C. Newton, M. D., Professor of General and Special Pathology.

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dreams were vivid ; in three, they were unremembered ; four

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numerous bacteria living in the waters supplied by the av-

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From his experiments, Leishman concludes that it is by these 'j

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respiration quick, hurried, it may be gasping ; the skin dusky,

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Dr. Hughes Bennett has shown that irritative lesions of the angular

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bystanders. As a rule the hallucinations are simple and harmless, but

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the head of the pancreas is so indurated that carcinoma is suspected.

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