cough is due to tubercular involvement of the larnyx, it is often
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cereal, I frequently use simple water dilutions, or Dextri-Maltose,
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Fanton [Archiv de Tocologie, No. 2, 1890) reports twelve cases of labor
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usual in view of the short history of the case. Exploratory laparo-
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If diarrhoea of moderate degree is present, give every hour 3 grains of
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extend into these capillaries . . . all through both lungs the nodules
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M. Verneuil, who was formerly an advocate of the "mild" treatment,
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should be made directly backward in the centre of the anterior palatine fold.
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prevented the drug addicts of the underworld from obtaining a
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No mention is made of diseases located in the sigmoid flexure
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known affections. In ill-defined, atypical forms it is, of course, liable to
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Discussion by Drs. James M. Downey, Mathias Figueira, Burr B.
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lower border of the fifth cervical vertebra on a level with the
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the exclusive symptoms. The pains appeared to be sometimes in the nerve-
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able for a finger, the uterus three and one-third inches long, not plainly felt,
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can be done that will give fecal continence afterward. These
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Pulse, 60. Temperature, subnormal, and general symptoms of shock and