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metastatic. "When it appears the swelling in the parotid sometimes subsides.

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blood-corpuscles, these having for their special function the fixation not only

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are retinal haemorrhages of peculiar character, appearing as white patches

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improper for respiration, as carbonic acid, nitrogen, hydrogen, nitrous oxide,

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most severe forms when very frequent bloody mucous stools are being

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Case I.— G.S.W. (shell burst) 2h months before admission.

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seventy written replies and three printed papers were returned

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Wagner designates these cells as syphiloma. They are from fVo tOgJb- of

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that suppuration has an etiological relation to the condition. Yet

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I month he was comfortable, with the exception of pain along the thrombosed

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risms or other tumours pressing upon, or in the neighbourhood of, the

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Gloiisop; Henry W. Kreeman, Ksq., United Hospital, Bath;

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observed when mercury was given. Xo conclusions, however,

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death, nearly or quite to the same extent as if it had not undergone this

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the pyramidal tract are, according to Strumpell, dorsal flexion of the great toe

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Twenty percent of HMOs surveyed adjusted the pay of

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causing a sharp, quick response. Ankle-clonus can always be elicited. The

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psoriasis are usually sharply defined ; as a rule they are not productive

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more being observed than slightly labored breathing. Such i)ersons, however,

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impurity, and the food which he takes is of good quahty ; and as regards

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