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di\dding the deep epigastric artery. I could not get the entire
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read a paper with this title before the Section on Neurol-
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the abdomen suggests the possibility that the intestines have been
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the large intestine among animals. Birds, which live so
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to designate an obliteration of the lumen of the bowel, and in such a
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6. Paralysis of the arytenoideus. — This muscle draws the arytenoid
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Figure 2 — Transport of patient to the linear accelerator by the anesthesia team.
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found good as far as its action as a germ destroyer,
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good chemical apparatus has been secured ; the microscopical labor-
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the western boundary of that empire has been received from
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Prognosis. Actual recovery is rare, but does sometimes occur. In
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lar shape. Bednar's ulcer always develops laterally,
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fit of anger, would be followed by a convulsion last-
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When the stone is lodged, and particularly when associated with secondary
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But, when all these circmnstances have been noted and
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Miiller (Pforzheim), cases in which the coma lasted for fourteen days.
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tion’s twenty-fifth annual membership meeting in At-
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I had ordered the foot to be elevated and wrapped in
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tions. New York: Macniillan & Co., 1895. Pp. xvi-:j(;«.
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the chronic cough, the fever, the huskiness of voice, the short-
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quiet for a long time, as advised in other types of
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emergency to the Government. Similar conditions have arisen
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selves in all weathers, drank the water of the place,
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He was interrupted at eleven for the regular order of
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haustion psychoses, certainly due to self- poisoning of
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has been traced to the more than 300,000,000 pounds of
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Toxemia, however, undoubtedly plays an important part, as Virchow
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it is probably greater among the upper classes than among the very poor.
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change from horizontal to vertical condition is, I believe, good evidence
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consistence. The fatty tissues bounding this cavity were grayish and necrotic