usually congested condition of the portal vein and liver, give i %
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hour, until four doses have been taken. This should
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and have secured the registration of all persons legally en-
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these may be attributed to pontine lesions as such, apart from implication
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wrong, as in its progress it differs most materially from rheuma-
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entiated. Further, the estimation of the urinary diastase and other
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I have sketched above, in a very hurried manner, the main outline of
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fissures there dip two folds of the dura, (1) falx cerebri, (2) tento-
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it be a young man who has pursued his studies here, or a
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the contracting muscle fibres. Adjacent inflammatory processes in bone or
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which is to be recognized by the large of movements, active and passive, carried
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should be read that day six months. Sir S. Xorthcote said
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diarrhoea has not ceased. June M. — Diarrhoea continues ; faeces of a light yellow
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as complications. The essentials in the treatment of acute
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expected that more than this number will be treated
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stage in the investigation I have not met with cases of
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8. Braunstein: Ztschr. f. klin. Med., 1909, Lxviii, 345.
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ment to sunlight, as is the case with the chlorophyl
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JciDg to endeavor to improve the tone and vigor of the muscular
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me, that there is a lateral bend of the spine without
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that if Oxford will be famous again, she must produce more
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at one period, they have ceased to exist. In this, as in the other forms
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The heart is a wonderfully elastic organ, and subject to great
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All the symptoms above described arise from A'enous engorgement : they
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There are many interesting points in it which we have not been able to
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the curve being very irregular. On this date (27th) it
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Little or nothing can be done for the contracture, but gentle massage
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disulfiram--alcohol reaction mimicking an acute coronary syndrome
fortunate subject of this detestable vice, whose mental energy is unim-
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trocar and canula; after preparation as for any surgical operation,
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becomes strangulated. In about 60 per cent, of cases
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cflect of the section of the middle peduncle in the lower animals, an
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ance on their members are constantly producing strain