cut down before the end of his days, with the signs of heart failure.
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cardia), irregularity (arhythmia), or unusual retardation (brady-
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diseases is small, for of two cases which have been published by
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intravenously, and put on 4 c.c. tincture of digitalis daily. The digitalis was
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of thyroidectomy may be averted or considerably lessened by injec-
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can be easily recognized, as in Figs. 49 and 50, the latter of which was
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are the persons loudest in proclaiming the character of the treatment
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part of the cut is Lead III, taken immediately after Lead II and showing
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direction of the rational treatment of the disease.
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In his preface the author very justly emphasizes the urgent need for a
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this the duct was patent and its lumen was occupied throughout its
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the thigh compressing the diseased and dilated vessel in the latter
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had eroded the wall of the right auricle, had broken through it, and
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the narrowest sense is that motion in the veins in the neck which is
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was totally obliterated at its orifice in the aorta in consequence of an
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by emotional causes. Organic disease of the heart is excluded by
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in 2,000 autopsies, 35 cases of severe pericarditis, and in 17 of these
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The size of the auriculo-ventricular orifice may be roughly esti-
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den elevation should excite suspicion of this morbid affection. It
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duction of the present methods of treatment. Formerly a certain
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widely disseminated through the heart that the tricuspid is also in-
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cholemia. In several of these cases the cholemia was of such intensity
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and rapid, and the sphygmograph shows the ascending line more
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increase the ability of the organism to oxidize glucose. We cannot
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incident in each year it has appeared that recurrence was more com-
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are more inclined to accept the view that a disturbance of the
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under twenty, and children are almost never attacked. The increased
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The action was uniformly depressant on eight strips from two pigs, but
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published by Hun and Prudden. 7 Byrom Bramwell 8 has published
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minds of some anthropologists, with yet another hereditary defect. The
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syncope and asphyxia. Heberden reported such a case of asphyxia
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Ichthyomethia piscipula; somewhat less active : Valeriana officinalis
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southern side of the Alps, as at Aosta. The affection occurs also in the
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negro, less in the mulatto or other man of colour, less still in the dark-
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Dubin, Ph.D., and Richard M. Pearce, M.D., Philadelphia 426
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head falls forward till the chin is supported by the sternum. Some
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presence of filariae in the blood. All of them can be produced by
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in the fact that the circulation is carried on through supplementary
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diminution of the calibre of the vessel so that it may he detected with
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velops a murmur which is heard with the greatest intensity at the
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nicious in pellagra, because of the ignorance and poverty of the major-
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