of home and of his profession. It was these influences

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ing been noted in 1840, when the ratio was 1,019 to

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non inoculated ; I), the reduction of cases of regular

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is impossible to determine, even approximately, the duration of hepatic

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official sign which showed that his residence contained a patient

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preceded by constitutional disturbance, headache, vertigo,

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amount of n sodium hydroxide to form the disodium salt, and both

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sory notification is based largely upon sympathy with the large num-

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pleased and taking a few private lessons at home. Has been

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awarded by the French Government to Dr. V. Baud for this valuable Preparation) Price — '

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albeit the water may have to come from the Thames or other stream similarly

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strokes, and without detours or tiresome indirections.

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healing, to give it a better name than it generally deserved, was

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THE TUMOURS ANALOGOUS TO IT. With coloured Plates. 8vo. cloth, Us.

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being done for the relief of those suffering from deformities. If we leave out

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made to pass it, and in due time it would become a law. I can-

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The tolerably equable pressure it formerly exercised on the peri-

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mode of treatment had been received by the King of Bavaria.

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Db. C. S. Rodman, of Connecticut : In the matter of sending of

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Society, held on the 27th ult. in the Anatomical Theatre of

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round trip for this meeting. The association will not

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Mr. Blair's mother and sisters, to Ids ])rivate friends, and to-

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the ulna, which is raised from the bone together with the anconeus

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has been of too radical a nature. It is always well to remember that

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1876 a. — Ueber Knochenechinococcen <Dentsche Ztschr. f. Chir., Leipz., v. 7

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ing the mixture on in layers witli a brush. Boiled starch

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tation is another justifiable diagnosis when a normal feeling of

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sults upon some exclusive and general principle. A spirit of

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the Governor on June 6th. The act provides that there

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In the tables President Wilson submits he shows that in

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staff have also done their duty. Each Medical officer attends

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of therapeutical measures. If this were possible, the practice of medicine

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required, none but the poor come under treatment, all that can pay being trans-

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extreme danger to life may arise, as Dr. Gairdner cautions us,

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possible to tampon the vagina with a long strip of roller that

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insisted upon, for when an eruption is acute and spreading only harm

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