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heathens, taught them also and therefore to respect and save
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slight lateral ciurvature as a normal condition. iVIr.
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remove the slight narrowing of the posterior part of the urethra,
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his aiTival, Mrs. Leitch and her husband -were dis-
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epitaph outside the chapel of Trinity College, Dublin.
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liarity of manner in the prisoner ; but saw no reason
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interfering with the present system of medical reUef,
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of the genus in this city, who prefixes " Kev." to his
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diseases in the course of or out of which arise im-
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The English school, with one or two exceptions, stood
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attended to in ordinary cases, and therefore are always imperfect
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to the conclusion that they really are apathetic as re-
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a thing to speaking about it, or how it may be done.
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Cynoglossxim Japonicurii, with the brilliant carmine
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in the ptosis with which the left eye was affected, whilst
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betwixt the mouth of the pistol and his breast, and
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the tribe of inferior physicians, from whom it cuts
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efficient remedies. " It is well known," he observes,
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of his long and extensive practice, he has amputated but a single
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of atomised Equids ; on the other hand there were a
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" I can satisfy you, and, if it is desirable, Mr. Thel-
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cure can be held out, or of alleviation, to the wretched sufferer,
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Beif.tzek, Henry, Esq., Acting AssistantSurgeon, to the Victory,
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ling to "torture'' him, but leeches bled well; no vomiting;
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in supporting the weight of the body, yet the author
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this point, also, I am compelled to differ in opinion
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or, at least, that it is not characterized by the same symp-
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the election, or place the unsuccessful candidate in a
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tion of cicatrices. Hitherto, M. Petrequin observed,
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quite eaay to decide as to the source &om which
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tioned by Asclepittdes, Archicjiues, Guleii, and Celsus.
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oration, illustrate this conditicn of the modern medical mind ?
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4. Optical Defects of the Eye. By J. Z. Laurence. London : ISCa.
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himself on account of a love affaii'. A third brother
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mui'der of his wife by shooting her through the head.
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has there shown, or endeavoured to show, that venesection and the
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diagnosis given on the first examination, and it will be
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dislocations of the knee are subluxations, which are
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graphic description of the disease shows him to have
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the above comiDlaint, and that in some instances he