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the physician should not fail to give ample warning of the dangers con-

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means of the spectroscope the three absorption-bands of methemoglobin

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ancesthesia dolorosa, that is. diminished sensibility associated with con-

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the iodids, and arsenic may be tried. Rest and easily assimilable food

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act strangely and appear dazed ; it is seldom, however, that he falls in

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Among important associated conditions are chronic gastric catarrh,

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in combination asafetida or capsicum is often beneficial.

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red to a livid bluish tint. As they fade away they assume at first a yel-

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progress into an ataxic gait. Insomnia, mental impairment, and blunt-

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greater number are left with one leg paralyzed. Prof. Frank C.

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Differential Diagnosis. — The soft bellows murmur is often present in

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chest. Under such circumstances the latter may be detected by dulness

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Vasodilators, Vasoconstrictors, Mydriatics and Cycloplegics, Miotics,

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the gland, which may attain to the size of a child's head. Not rarely the

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shoulders. The painful spot is found between the mastoid process and

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