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in the Southern States of this country. He lived at Charleston, South

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Bath. The symptoms of this medicine, as given by Allen, are

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from the executioner's hands into mine. I will then cry dis-

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stance has a double duty to perform : it not only determines

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honorable nor just to the present or rising generation, for physi-

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Becoming interested in electro- therapeutics she went to

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Whereas the American Medical Association has recently adopted a res-

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by cotton- wool applied to the joint is very useful to pre-

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ously and quietly, the patient ready to exert or withhold voluntary aid as her attend-

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out motive or purpose, by inebriates, who, in defence, claim to

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to secure absolute freedom of therapeutic opinion, to its remotest

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can Medical Association; permanent member of the New York State

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in charge of wounded soldiers while the army was retreating to

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edges. These aponeurotic button -holes sectire the occlusion

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tigations are here summarized. He ably criticises the methods

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men in the front rank of the profession who resort to such con-

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Dr. Gibney, Sr., was a descendant of a north of Ireland ancestry,

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centre of membership, and though the meeting was held at (to

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Inebriety in any form may be no excuse for crime in a legal

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said in his never-to-be-forgotten farewell speech of June, 1884 —

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M.D., secretary. There are nine clinics and seventeen physicians and surgeons ;

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Improvement of the Condition of the Poor. In this connection he

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milk is fresh when received, it soon becomes unwholesome.

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professional life. On his return, by reason of former

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pital, and was later connected with the Manhattan Hospital of

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March, 1869. In preparing for practice he had taken

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author remarks, " Whatever else you learn, inform yourselves