ferent points irrespective of the order in which they ap-

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In the Journal of November 13, 1898, I find an editorial under the

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verbal reply; superfluous movements or reinforcement, that is, without

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that the pleurisy was probably tuberculous. He should be instructed as

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of our schools. Town boards are slow to move in the reor-

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know already all that I can tell you of the circumstances that are

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not always inflicted accidentally, for the mental state of a patient affected

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that all the best authorities now admitted that there

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first symptoms of fever within the ensuing four-and-twenty hours. On

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treatment, and prognosis are essentially the same. They are said

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nature of colic or of gastralgia; they are referred to different parts of the

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in purpura, and is given to dogs in the form of arsenite of

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to enrich the soil by the " sweat of his brow," should never, accor-

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In the perirectal abscess, originating in the loose connective tissue

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" the definite shape (of the perforation) may be a char-

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not assumed. Better instructed pathologists than Dr. Both have of

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deviation ; but with the hypogastric plate of some of these belts,

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know that cancer of the stomach may occur without the last-mentioned

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ulcer was nearly healed. Sensation having become even

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species of convulsion that destroyed Her Eoyal Highness the

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1. Glauber's salt 1 oz., hot water 1 oz., peppermint water 4

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probably dependent on the presence of the parasite. In view of the frequently

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count, there is no efi'ect on the rate of hydrolysis. In the case of

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or papillary surface, or in addition bear strongish hairs. Their growth in-

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scarlet fever the danger of aerial infection is confined to within a few

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(which is in itself a disease) often leaves a regular condi-

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eaten with avidity and apparent pleasure. Towards morning, however, there

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disease. In the two series he used upwards of 150 animals. The treatment

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render them liable in the slightest impressions, to violent irritability which causes the con*

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Salaries, pupils enrolled by grades, free text books, ap-

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understanding that was never agreed on in committee ; it was proposed by Dr. Roome, but

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vessels of the intestines and the glands of the mesentery will become

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are loath to admit that the subject is beyond compre-

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diarrhtva, noticed (luring the winter of ISSS-'G that be was

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are the results of an excretion from the thyroid gland and by

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in this series. This figure three times covers the infant