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of the correctness of which last statement the modern
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populous city numbered annually its thousands of victims.
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selves; because the disturbances to which they do give rise
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obtained by Dr. Salzer by the use of the immune serum
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3. Whipple, G. H., Stone, H. B., and Bernheim, B. M., J. Exp. Med., 1913,
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ponderance of venous over capillary blood in the extremitj'^, and immerse
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of unsoundness by past inflammation, whether of the endocar-
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week), when counts of 3,000,000 to 3,500,000 are common. In cases
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a hairy mole of the whole of the right side of the forehead. The opera-
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inflammatory nature, and because of the atypical accompanying clinical
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and scrofula may be mentioned as examples of these types of disease.
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for half a minute without the patient losing consciousness, and without the face par-
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the organism as a whole exerts upon each individual
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most hearty meal should be at an hour that can be followed by leisure and
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facts as these are the experimental proofis which have been obtained by
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to regard excessive diarrhoea not due to feeding as a very fatal
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from the anterior wall of the fundus uteri to the under part of the abdominal
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it was suddenly announced that transfusion had been success-
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I. Historical observations on transfusion in general and transfusion
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in themselves sufficient to explain an extreme degree of cachexia. While
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upon the trophic nerves. The patient, two years ago, began
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than that in which it will be found in the most crowded habitations or
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corrugated. In such a state of the bladder, it is scarcely
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placed as in well-adjusted spectacles, and above all, it must
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who conceived the idea of producing the same effect by series of light
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IJisinieciiou ui wn^ ii.»»^v.... . . . 21 : Hypnotism ••••••. oi
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very few cases of the operation occur there, owing to a pre-
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spontaneous that the medium might be said hardly to take part in it. Now
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ined to ascertain if there are diphtheria germs in their throats, as
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inspector detailed to assist him, such approval being based up(m the
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inner surface of the stomach could be diagno.sed, chiefly ulcer
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toms gives way slowly, notwithstanding the long array of symptoms that
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the work of the teeth. The stomach is a soft, flabby
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by a sudden strain has been forced out, and, from its size, difficulty is
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Carbol fuchsin, washed in acidulated water. The cocci occur in clusters or