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torial Department, should be addressed to the Editor, 126 Matsa-

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sion that he would not have made, had the this will depend the extermination of the

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perlect freedom from constitutional symp- ' The patient, however, preferred to return

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most difficult class of cases to treat is. of course,

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diphtheria but an actual epidemic of culturing. Our third point in

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body just struck the bone in this situation, and then, instead of pass-

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K. Stockard, George R. Plummer, William R. Van Tuyl, John 8.

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suppurative from the start. The duration of the prodromal stage varied

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rally a very early symptom. Throughout j as the case may be. Still he gets no better,

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materials which will readily enter into chemical change, and thns generate the forces by which

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board with the minimum degree of stiffness of the hand, and nowa-

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case ; previous to this, the mother was in the habit of calling at my office every

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u. Leipz., 1897, xiv, 197-241. Also (Abstr. |: Jahresb. d.

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in the intellectual constitution, individual dispositions will be

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patient, to whom I alluded above, the symptoms of hypertoxia reached a

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referred in a former paper is that called by Bogers the ^' small

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anus ; or the bowels may be constipated. In both conditions,

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on about one hour after meals. There were no night pains and

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The catarrhal evidence is manifested in the eyes and nasal cavi-

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called firom time to time voluntarily or involuntarily, to be analysed, com-

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General Hospital, '97-'98, Ottawa, came to Toronto, December

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succumbed to the most common of infantile affections — that is to say, to dist>

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in some cases of poisoning by mercurial preparations ; and it is possible that

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stages of fever, the servdces of a properly qualified nurse are inestimable.

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similar to what we hear from that instrument. The yielding nature

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pitals as have been outlined, and in others they can exert powerful

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be given to combat the large drain from suppuration. It is well to

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pulse, and death was expected shortly by three physicians who

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December 13 : Microscopical report : Sarcoma undergoing necrotic

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masum may be overloaded with food, the first and third

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Occasionally the disease does not wholly disappear for six, or even twelve

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son is to speak and I want to say that when he talks

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antimony and drastic purgatives. Much injury has doubtless been done

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to return on the slightest symptom of tbe old trouble,

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