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made daily in its pathological institute. With a staff of
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better to dilate the bladder with water or air. Each
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on the street, from witnessing a fatal accident with a co-
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optic, or the auditoi-y nerve, is frequently dependent on abnormal conditions
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regarded as being doubtfully rich by some of his acquaintances. The
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" For my part, I have dispensed liberally to everybody
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leptiques. Compt. rend. Soc. de V)iol., Par.. 1888, 8. s., v,
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maining orders unnoticed, and we can assure them, that in
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were apparently utterly unrelated one to the other. The
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doubt the validity of the reasoning which would ascribe this locali-
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various times, and in the hands of various physicians and
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probable that had Captain McCarrison treated those same patients with thyroid
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of the parts. If the part be a limb, it will be either
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on other occasions, the examinations have rarely been
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contracted or closed, not allowing the calf to pass.
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with the skin ; but the skin and seed of the grape do not
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a warm lunch? (4) At what hour do you go to bed at night? (5) Do you often
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dom or never dangerous, when its attack is regular, and main-
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cyanosis is extreme, the pulse scarcely perceptible, and there is coma
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10. The bibliography and notes are fairly complete for recorded information but not all events described in the
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sixteenth century to annul tlie sufferings of parturition. Sir
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arated, become packed together by their several growths, they become
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of a similar condition of the skin among members of either parent's
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that in the great majority of cases they give no indication whatever d
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More chloroform was then poured on the " Skinner," and the
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peared, there was no return of the fever, nor were there relapses.
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