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removed to the City Hospital. At 6 o'clock p. m. I operated
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M. J. Simon, in a course of lectures upon the therapeutics of infancy, deliv-
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Dr. R. D. Coale, Dean, Univ. of Maryland Medical Department.
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use of forceps were the condition of the child, the majority
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morning, afternoon and evening for four days, and the
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stupor and insensibility. The animal began, however, to
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effect on the contraction of the uterus ; and this is only an exaggerated expression
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of the inhabitants of a locality in rapid succession, and the absence of the
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epithelial cell is found. In contrast to these degenerative changes many
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Lesions of tlie brain, spinal cord, or meninges may fjive rise to all
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geon encountered occasionally was locomotor ataxia with
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supposed to be present. The dictum to the students,
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parasitic and regarded as the cause of the disease. A great number of
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rus is in a position which would be perfectly normal
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of the degeneration, which could not bo removed with the-
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numbers, even in winter, and they far exceeded every
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continence, and tell our young men that while the sexual
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which refers to the peace, order and good government of
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before and during early gestation, has demonstrated the inca-
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though, exceptionally, the levator labii superioris is more markedly
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This revised Autopsy Manual provides the prosector with ready and
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thrust into the right side of the chest in several places,
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Treatment. — The patient's habits must be corrected. He must
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the placenta. Thus a great revolution was effected in the
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to its surfaces. In order to get below the cyst it was found necessary to
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of width, or extension of the hinder quarters ; the hinder
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the other hand, I am told that malarial fevers are com-
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Lectures, Croonian, on Causes and Effects of Valvular
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January 17, 1887. — ^The patient for some time has been
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directly to their religious sentiments, as no system of laws, how-
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(•),800.0()0 : .lune 7. 0.3 12,000 : .lunfc 14, 7,802,400 ; June 29. 5,(i25,000. When
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cases of diabetes that were treated by salicylate of
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