infant, but it had no opening at its end. When at rest, it lay
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with his left hand in the mirror-fashion. This patient, although shown
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the arms. In the course of five or six hours this rash had disap-
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Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow, £1,000 ; the Western
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Use of unclaimed animals for scientific investigation
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occurs. While this form of attack does not appear so frightful as
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respects, climatewise and soilwise, Hartford and the country towns
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There Avas no peritonitis. The remains of the old enterostomy opening
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less to resort to this method of treatment again, and as the
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exciting causes of cholera morbus, such as irregularity and excess in
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nasal, aural, and laryngeal inflammation ? Shall we patch
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Inflammatory manifestations of the respiratory passages begin to
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All new remedies constantly on hand and sent to all parts of
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3. Resolved, That the report on Civic Jewell, were adopted :—
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change is that ansemia is the chief character in all cases of the
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are moist and hyperemic. Hemorrhages, which rarely occur until late,
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left side there were, under the lining membrane, several ecchy-
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other. The only certain method, as Mackenzie points out, is to obtain a
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; ji^ifeiiig -of iA4 wbold 'liody< folldwed hy tiel^rt* stitcdiMi in
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seen by Mr. Hutchinson for injuries about the breast,
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treatment is begun early in the disease, and become more and more
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writer. The same unhappy mistake happened between Mallet and
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C. L. Bermingham continuing as editor. Beginning as a small
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years old, the other a seven months', babe at the breast, whose
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tension of assimilable food rather than restriction founded on any
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period varying from seven to twenty-one days, contraction seta
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and therefore in the hospitals of Rome, it is rarely seen. In the rest
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with at once by operation. In some of these, however, when
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Each space between two heavy perpendicular lines represents sixty seconds. The
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the leg was held in a Hexed position, with the arch of the
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6. — Jotikowiiz removed the whole cliaphysis of the
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the working clauses of his Public Health Bill which relate to
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Miss. ; Hickman, Ky. : Grand Junction. Tenn. ; Paris.
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