(2) This mortality may by inoculation with autogenous vaccines be

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— even when this is of inflammatory origin. In this

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the Aran-Duchenne syndrome. The flexors of the feet, the peronei, and

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A 57-year-old man was admitted to the University of

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sloughs of the mucous membrane, etc., and are vei-y fetid in odor.

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vania. llandsDint,' octavo, Soo pages, 7 full-page lithographs in colors. In Prf$$.

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On the contrary, w^e consider the work an excellent exposition

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most important. The encapsulated bacillus of Fried-

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1. — Baring believes that the increase in cancer is in

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The fact is demonstrated immediately when the disturbing influence

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Bordet and Ciuca also observed that a culture of B. coli, once dissolved by an

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you may materially aid the internal therapy by the use of emollient

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between the seventh and eighth ribs on the left side. Of

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He thought that it was a very bad method to administer