the following : — ment to first section of Art. VI. of the Con-
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be discussed by the Congress at its next meeting in
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as much as 3 per cent.).^ In the present case, however, both salt excre-
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very carefully seeing always that the strokes of the
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patients. Recognizing that society has invested a great
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Medicine’s Rocking Horse. The natural tensions that have always
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in their severity. These were an obstinate constipation, tenderness,
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Derangements of the sense of hearing are much less common than
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Improved methods of applying this photography have ren-
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needles " in his arms and legs, and it gave him pain to move his head
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down slightly, and the tongue when protruded turned towards the left side.
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same case. The pain, after lasting an hour or two, may pass
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Dr J. William White of Philadelphia reports a successful case
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patient, and for the doctor who happens to treat the
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sible to diagnose with certainty. Consequently, one must never be led to
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8elf-willed, hard-headed, and obstinate ; sometimes child- i
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In pronounced cases of typhoid the agglutinating action of the serum may be
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the human machine, must be cast out. If they remain, even in small
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the lid could be only partially raised. Both lids of the left eye and
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of Labour," and " On the Duration of Pregnancy," are of a
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limited to 15 mg to preclude oversedation, dizziness and or ataxia.
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Baily, Joseph C, Lieutenant-Colonel and Assistant Medical
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eovery may take place with the loss of the kidney, the other organ iK^ing
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tendency to the formation of bed-sores. There was muscular atrophy, with
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observations, that Dr. Berkley and himself had made
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philic granules is brought out more prominently. The blood speci-
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ment. Similarly, gunshot wounds may implicate the nerve either in its
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the curve being very irregular. On this date (27th) it
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now doing, in showing many the true theory of nature.
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all parts of the body, causing most alarming symptoms.
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on behalf of her Majesty, at St. James's Palace, by his Royal
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stimulants and tonic remedies in conjunction with concentrated nutri-
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A mitral systolic murmur is also recognised in cases in which,
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Aug. 27, 1942, p. 342-349, and Vol. 227, No. 10, Sep.
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A. Secondary to disease of cord, trans\'erse jiyelitis, tumour,
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destroyed life, and it was because free drainage could
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siologic Medicale de la Circulation du Sang. Par le