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trunk. It is found in the areolar tissue behind the

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Dr. Bennett has collected many examples of metastasis, as it

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insidious, cardiovascular, typical contracted kidney. As a subhead under

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found several adhesions on anterior surface of the stomach which

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inferiorly it reached the level of the anterior superior iliac spine.

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case ; to the stage of the disease at which it is prac-

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Read before the Chicago Medical Society, October ly, iSSj.

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tongue dry, and tremors affect the voluntary muscles. This

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and percussion after filling it with lukewarm water (see p. 425), the patient being in

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five hundred cases of dysentery, in all of which he found

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tributors, we offer our warmest thanks ; and to them and all

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which have elapsed since 1872 (when he first taught this),

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patients are often those who are suffering from obesity, arterio-

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criticized, and it is understood that the bill must be

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Prophylaxis is the term employed to designate, amidst the inquiries of

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to generate new red blood cells. The hemoglobin of the blood is

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' Arch, der Heilhmde^ 3 Jahrg., 1862. ' Oynaekologiache Shuiieiif No. 1.

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the patient through without implication of the heart ;

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made beyond the fact that the difficulty was not in the large intestine ;

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are encapsulated. The treatment by electrolysis con-

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The one is a very nasty compound, the other a very grate-

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when freshly drawn. The accessory modes of treatment pro-

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sudden, and so forcible, that physicians neither doubt nor reason

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such additional powers and duties as the By-Laws may

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down slightly, and the tongue when protruded turned towards the left side.

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m ore frequently excite it. At least there are many instances of

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tite in this last disease, however great it may be,

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Medicare. . . . For self-employed individuals, the rate

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one or two of the literary men of the day, and you may be