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Ed. In one handsome volume, royal l2mo., of 128 pages : cloth, 88 cents. {Now Ready.)

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whole brains of the other series. The data are given in table 5

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fish, Protopterus, a hitherto unrecognized nerve of the forebrain.

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part of the treatment of typhoid and t^q^hus fever. Hygienic measures

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origin in some disturbance of the nervous system, and in the

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forming its function of transmitting air to the lungs.

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tem, but opiates are to be avoided. Valerian, assafoetida, lactucarium,

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exit of the inferior maxillary branch, and over the parietal bone. It is

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numerous C3^sts are seen with the microscope, and, not infrequently^, they

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is subacute and chronic, but it continues to be produced for a longer

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followed a profuse hemorrhage from the rectum. Here, as in other affec-

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Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Heart, by the Author. 2 yide page 348.

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