slight but definite changes were noted. In all cases examined in which
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Third District: Councilor, J. William Thompson, St. Louis:
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stitution, but it must be supplemented with plenty to eat. A farm
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sheep, or swine, or the food products thereof, which had been ex-
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were again controlled by propyl-thiouracil and patient was
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Ninth District: Councilor, Eldon C. Bohrer, West Plains.
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ing downward almost as far as the umbilicus (Fig. 1) 288
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abroad studying the manufacture of cheese in England, France, Ger-
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may mean that we accept a fact the existence of which is antipodal
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occur in the i>ereentaLre of iodine in the inlands under \ar.viiii,' condi
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necessarily mean that a given case is beyond resec-
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legislation giving the Department authority to control all the operations of these factories
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Ray Mclntire, our Field Secretary, temporary secretary
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therefore was discharged with a diagnosis of no pul-
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to certain environments for such a period of time that they would
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condition can money be accepted from such a source by the Depart-
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or products of which were to be transported and sold for human
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shakinp out Mith ether. It is probably to the presence of these sub-
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area of skin which is sui>plied with sensory nervi's by the same segment
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potent source of vitamins A and D, which is well taken by older children because
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to sln.w .lialM.ti.' M 1 -li-l i.ol Im-ss.'ss 11..- -ly.-olyti.- imwrr ..I
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ll'cii'jlli/.r till' llislilM'. lii' lirill'j' ilui' '(I full'.'i'llital allM'Hl'C iit' til'
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•itili/e a eoiistant thoiiirh moderate exeess of this siilistaiiee. In the one
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the marks, stamps, or other devices provided for in the regulations of the Secretary of
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but the problems of ventilation, cubic air space per cow, light, floors,
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ai.'.l |,.M-ki'"s s.iliitinii at lin-ly t.iiipeialii!'.'.
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Anatomical Diagnosis. Primary: Adenocarcinoma of the body of the
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giene personnel as part of the local health depart-
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larly applicable to this type of case in which one invari-
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c.f psyclidiiMtliii- iiKJiviiluals whose iiu'iital s\ iiiptoiiis liave liecii i-an-
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mill I '_' ' >ltliiltll' ^\ liipliilllN III llliiv rxliiliilnl li\ llii' rliliii-iil I'liliilil iiiii^
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refuse to allow said meat or meat food products to be labeled, marked, stamped, or
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liver niiiiht be exriected to be associated with an up.set in the mctab.
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or whitewash was apparent. Windows were not clean. Sheep coolers in good shape.
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Laclede J. H. Summers, Lebanon R. E. Harrell, Lebanon
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Government requires this important room to be rat proof, well lighted,
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able variations which have been noted in different cultures of tubercle
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