exposure to raiu, snow, cold weather, sloppy or muddy travel,
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suffering from simple indisposition, rheumatic pains, or a chill, is told next
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the peritoneum. This was found adherent, and so the abscess,
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and another, cut in the same manner, may be substituted and stitched
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I3r CommunicatKms solicited on all Medical and Sdentijic
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came under my observation. A rbinoscopic examination
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Now, in corpulent people who are robust — i.e., in whom the whole
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indulgence, and are regarded more and more as sane persons. In asylums,
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mentions two other cases, and reports three of his own.
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ing seen through them. They appear greenish-yellow in glycerin. As
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of tlie schools, that their labors have not been in vain.
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should prevent error and, in particular, where one has the initial
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irregular elevations. They may be of the same color as the normal
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afflicted with beriberi, who were landed from the Dutch bark
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are absolutely passive in transmitting the blood which circulates
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ute it to the Klebs-Loffler bacillus. This bacterium is
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treatment. In the child the processes of growth and
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they do not contain as much of the essential substance,
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pocks lie in great numbers close to one another, as on the head
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in every detail being especially designed to meet all requirements. The
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the air has been exhausted by burning a small quantity of alcohol or
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Except at the menstrual periods, the symptoms of chronic infarc-
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cortical irritation shifts. A lesion may grow from a certain
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With reference to the physiological discussion started by Dr. Rob-
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has had some success in the abatement of mosquitoes
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I have taken "the Preservation of Health" as my subject
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acid, nine-tenths of a gramme (= 15 gmins) a day. This is a very im-
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articular process downward and inward mainly, and to a
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Icting horiion, the apparent limits of the apparently round
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tint and a peculiarly disagreeable odor. The bacteriological examina-
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Coi'tilm y Vieln (J.) Notaa liistorlcas sobre las epi-
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or ascertaining its properties. We shall see that this
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due to the breaking down of the tumor, the manipulations are
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tral depression, appears on each papula, containing some
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worse at times than at others, becoming almost uncon-
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intentionally to expose dieir children to small-pox infection. As far, however, as
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where the two diseases are combined. So much is this the case,
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Frederick H. Falls, Chicago; Milton E. Bitter, Quincy;
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same time, in the same individual. Now, it would appear from
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