fundus seen perfectly, hut the «:reat difficulty in conducting success-
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ticks, and on November 10 they are moved to the half of the original
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t,;,.ts ha.l oxis"to.l. Who., at this stasro a s .n.l .'ut was ma.lo aoross
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Tlic Iirallliy ;iiiiMi;il ,ir-,-iniMii is .•;ip;iM,. of r;il>i(lly oxidi/in- liir.j.
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der fr<im the purine constituents of the animal's own tissues.
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his health. He complained a great deal and was con-
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These tests (tubes 7-11) show that the presence of sufficient egg albumin
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and disinfected unless duplicate implements are provided.
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Sec 17. Differences between the packing house and cooperative members are
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that produced by similar injections of tubercle bacilli of the bovine
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or Thoroughbred. By a heavy breed is meant one of the draft breeds,
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are larger cells of reticular type that I think led
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Abscess, subdiaphragmatic, with rupture into the peritoneal cavity follow-
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inches, to run clear across the ship's beam where practicable. Should any house or
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severe cases two to three tablets may be prescribed daily
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except at the fundus, where a few small ecchymoses can be made out. The
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cians over the state in properly reporting patients under
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and Barbara A, who were seated in the pony-cart next to Harry A,
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Mr. D, an employee of the X House, became ill. The D family lived in
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guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine not less than
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room entirely separate from all other rooms in the establishment. This room shall be
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of the gutter and, as the viscera are revealed, watches with prac-
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purposes had to show registration of sires and grandams. This re-
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The Official Organ of the State Association and Affiliated County Societies
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offenders in this regard. The negative nitrogen balance
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branching, forming tufts of vessels in this region (Fig. 3). From the
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obstruction noted. The distal end of the pancreatic duct
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.-.-.nses -l.veoiieii to ar.-umulale in the liv.M -ells a re>ult wliieh it 1-